Top Styling Doll Heads for Girls

Bayer Design – Super Model Styling Head, Dressing Head with Make-Up and Hair Accessories

1. Styling Doll Bayer Design

Top sellers on Amazon with over 100 reviews. The Bayer Design Doll is commented for having some really good quality hair for your little girl to style. You also get an accessory pack with hair clips. Rollers. Brush etc. We like the little make up set that comes with the doll head. The Bayer set is also of good weight which allows your child to play with it, without it moving too much.

Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Styling Head

2.Styling Doll Barbie Rainbow

The Barbie set is unique to other Doll Heads. Included in the set are barrettes that your child can style and customise. The set also includes 8 pop-in gems, stylish hair bands and a brush. This is quite a basic set but is of good quality. The barbie Styling Head makes for a basic starter set for your daughter/granddaughter to start with.

John Adams Styling Doll Head

3.John Adams Styling Doll

The John Admans Styling Doll Head has more than 25 accessories with the Styling Head. We like the Pink Hair extension. Adds some creativity to your child when playing with it. There are also clips and a comb. Previous buyers have commented on the good quality hair coming with the set which can be straightened and curled. Really good set with good reviews.

Simba Steffi Styling Head

4.Styling Doll Simba

The Simba Steffi Styling Head comes at an affordable price as compared to the other styling Dolls. It has enough accessories to get the little process started.  The Set includes a comb, hair bands, hair clips and a makeup set. This is enough to keep her occupied. Other buyers have commented on how their kids enjoyed applying and experimenting with the makeup on the doll.

Disney Princess Rapunzel Deluxe Styling Head

The Disney Princess Rapunzel Deluxe Styling Head is well made. The Styling Doll has nails that change colour when put under freezing cold water and warm water. Others have commented that the hair is very long which allows the little girls to style it into almost any style. Included in the set are barrettes and hair extensions together with hair styling tools. This is a perfect set to keep her entertained, busy and creative.

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