Top Kids Jewellery and Bead Making Kits

Jewellery making kits are getting more popular with kids. They help stimulate their creativity. They tend to have different materials, colours and objects. Some are targeted primarily at making necklaces, bracelets and cute earrings. The key benefits to children is that they allow interactive playing with parents or friends. You child can also play with the kit on their own. The Kids jewellery making kits are typically affordable and make perfect gifts on their own or as supplementary gifts. Remember to get a little storage box with compartments to store the accessories once you open the pack.

1.Jewellery Making Kit Galt Sparkle

The Galt Sparkle Jewellery Kit is a top seller on Amazon UK. This small pack some at a good price and is fully packed with enough items for your little one to get creative with. The Galt pack includes, holographic stickers, Strings, a idea book, beads, glitter beads. They can make necklaces as well as bracelets. This is enough for playing with friends or with parents.


Hama Beads 10,000 Beads and 5 Pegboards Tub

2.Jewellery Making Kit Hama Beads

The Hama Beads kit comes with over 10,000 beads, giving your child hours of play fun. This kit is not for Jewellery making but we thought it should still be mentioned under Jewellery Making kits because it for making different character or image designs using beads. The pack has design templates (peg boards) for various animals and day to day objects which will guide your child in making what they want. The wide range of colours and beads gives your child more freedom to experiment.


Melissa & Doug Butterfly Friends Wooden Bead Set With 150+ Beads for Jewelry-Making

3.Jewellery Making Kit Melissa and Doug Beads

Buyers of the Melissa and Doug praise it for helping developing hand eye coordination and colour coordination. The beads are wooden in a variety of colours and are themed around Butterflies which kids always find fascinating. You will also get a wooden box to store the 120 beads and 5 strings. The set is ready to use. A great versatile kit.


Galt Toys Charm Bracelets

4.Jewellery Making Kit Galt Charm Bracelet

The Galt Charm bracelet is more than just a bracelet kit. This bracelet making kit comes with charms to clip to your bracelet. The charms are made from metal. Combining charms with beads will give your child more accessories to experiment and play with. There are 300 assorted beads to play with and a guide to get your little one started.


AQUA BEADS 31489 Unicorn playset

5.Jewellery Making Kit Aqua Beads Unicorn Design

Although not a Jewellery Making kit, the Aqua beads Unicorn making kit deserves to be mentioned. It is highly rated on Amazon UK. The little set has over 2000 beads spread over 14 colours. Your little one will also get template sheets and a stand to parade their creation in the living room or their bedroom. We like how simple it is to make the beads stick. All you need to do is just spray a bit of some water. The pack comes with a spray bottle. Perfect gift for some family fun.

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