Top Girls Make Up Vanity Cases

Kennedy Playsets Little Girls Vanity Case

Kennedy Playsets Vanity Case

Here is a new unique vanity case by Kennedy Playsets. It has a cute butterfly design on sides that look almost 3D. The beautiful design and the small size (12cm * 12cm * 18cm) makes it versatile. It can be used to store her vanity accessories- makeup brushes, lipstick, glitter etc or school stationery  like pens, little notebooks, staples. This small vanity case has an aluminium shiny frame and is small in size which makes it light to carry around. This small vanity case id ideal for a young girl and can be a perfect present for all occasions. It is currently priced under £20, making it a bargain.

Joligrace Girls Makeup Cases

1. Girls Makeup Cases Joligrace

Joligrace is one of the leading brands on Amazon UK for Vanity Cases. Some of their designs are targeted for young girls but most are for women in general. We have selected this one as it has a design ideal for little girls. It opens to reveal 3 compartments inside together with a small mirror. This vanity case for girls also has a lock for your little to girl to lock away her play makeup up and beauty items.  It has aluminium lining and corners making it strong and light weight. At the point of this writing the case is about £20.  All in all, a perfect gift item for your special one.

Beautify Small Professional Aluminium Pink Beauty Make Up Nail Cosmetic Box Vanity Case

2. Girls Makeup Cases Beautify Aluminium Pink makeup case

Pretty pink colour Aluminium makeup case perfect for organising beauty items from Beautify. The Beautify Cosmetics case opens to reveal 4 side compartments and the base compartment. Previous buyers include professional makeup artists and parents/grandparents buying for little girls. It is a versatile vanity case. This makeup case is ideal for young girls because it is light in weight, attractive pink colour and is light to carry around. It sits well in your little girl’s bedroom for her beauty items. The price was around £20 at the time of writing.

Girls Aluminium Vanity Case Make-up Set

3. Girls Makeup Cases Aluminium Varnity Cosmetics Set

The Girls Aluminium Case by Girls is unique combining makeup and a makeup case that can be used after the makeup has finished. The makeup includes 3 blush powders, 5 eyeshadows, 2 lip gloss, 8 glitter lip gloss, lipstick, nail polish, body glitter gel, 2 glitter powders, 3 applicators, stick-on nails and toe separator. The aluminium case is big enough to be used to store away her valuables like jewellery and makeup items. This is a bargain. It opens to reveal a mirror for her to use when applying her makeup.

Milan Cosmetic/Jewellery Beauty Case Pink with Gold Stars

4. Girls Makeup Cases Milan Cosmetics_Jewellery makeup case

The Milan Aluminium makeup case looks beautiful with curved corners and shiny gold stars. Your little girl will love the case. It is well made with a pink interior made from woven linen. This girls’ makeup vanity case from Milan can be gifted to a wide age range possibly from ages 5 to teens. We think that this can be used store any girlie vanity items like hair brushes, makeup, hair accessories or even secret diaries. A perfect gift for any occasion.

Urbanity Aluminium Makeup Cosmetics Vanity Case Beauty/Jewellery Box Pink Croc

5. Girls Makeup Cases Urbanity Makeup Cosmetics set

This is an elegant well made makeup vanity box from Urbanity. It has a chrome outline which gives it a beautiful shiny look. We think that this is perfect for young girls. It is not too big and comes with a lock and key for her to put her makeup accessories away. This girl’s makeup case has an innovative detachable mirror inside, with a velcro lining. There are 11 colour options available from urbanity. The price was just below £15 at the time of writing. Buyers have commented on how the makeup case is perfect for packing away nail accessories and for its cute design.

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