Top 5 Clay and Dough

Clay and Dough sets are ideal for practical activities with your kids. Children can let their imagination free by mixing various colours and making Dough or Clay sculptures.

Play-Doh – RAINBOW PACK – 8 VA

1. Clay and Dough Play-Dough Rainbow Starter Kit


The Play-Dough Rainbow Pack is highly reviewed on Amazon. It is an ideal starter pack with a broad selection of colours to start with. Your little one will get 8 canisters play doh dough In Wonderful and Colourful Rainbow Colours. This will truly help her creative play and promotes fine motor skills. We find that it is a good way for children to play around and experiment with shapes, colours and designs.

Play-Doh Starter Set

2. Clay and Dough Play-Doh Baged Starter Kit

The Starter Pack from Play-Dough is an ideal present for your child. This Play-Doh set comes with a little bag, to store the kit. Previous buyers love the cutters, stamps and other tools to help your toddler get started. As with other Play-Doh kits this one comes with very vivid and stimulating colours. The tools are very small, making them easy for children to use.

12.5Kg Scola Reinforced Air Drying Modelling Clay (STONE)

3. Clay and Dough 2.5 Scola Drying Clay

The nylon reinforced clay is another option for creative play for your child.  The clay can be used to create models with your child. We think that this is perfect for playing with your child as they will probably need your assistance and so it makes for a good bonding play item. You can use PVA glue and decorate with acrylic paint to your finished model.  2.5kg is enough for many sessions and some buyers have bought this for cubs and scouts.

Hasbro Sparkle Compound

4. Clay and Dough Hasbro Sparkle Compount

A unique set from Play-Doh. The Doh- Sparkles with Glitter adding a dazzling look to your child’s creation. The pack comes with 2 cutters and 6 colours. The colours are vivid as expected from Play-Doh. Parents have expressed that they are happy with the set because the glitter does not come off it is part of the Dough unlike normal glitter which ends up sticking to anything near it.

Crayola Model Magic Bucket

5. Clay and Dough Crayola Model Magic Bucket

The Crayola Model magic bucket contains an Air-drying non greasy formula which dries to a smooth resilient finish. The finish dries on its own and can be decorated by painting with paint or markers. Do not worry if your model has dried because you can glue any additional bits to it. The bucket is ideal for storage which means you can use the material over a few sessions. Previous buyers like that it does not stick to clothes or your hands unlike other modelling solutions. This makes it easier to tidy up after your child has finished playing with it.

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