Categories in Kids Makeup

Kids’ makeup toys fall into various categories. Your choice depends on the interests your child has and sometimes the age of your child also determines the toys to go for. This section aims to highlight the key categories currently on the market.

1.      Pretend Make Up

This is a growing category typically includes fake make up items (without any real substances or make up) these are usually plastic brushes and coloured little pots and compartments to resemble make up. This is a safe option if you are not happy applying any substances or make up your child.

2.      Children’s real Make Up

This category includes make up specifically designed for children. Look out for the minimum age as it might give you clues as to whether it is real make up or make up like substances to resemble real make up but with harmless chemicals for little children. The real make up tends to be targeted at pre-teen kids or teens whilst the pretend make up is for younger kids.

3.      Face Paint/Body paint

Face and body paint categories include any paint for special occasions like sports, Halloween, birthdays or just simply face painting for fun when playing with friends or as a family. These come in varied sizes and materials.

4.      Nail Art

This is another growing market. You can find diverse types and sizes of nail polish or paint for your little one to play with. These covers a wider range of ages from toddlers all the way to teens. Pay attention to how easy they are to remove and apply. Probably not a good to give to your child if they tend to bite their nails.

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