Girls Makeup Reviews

Welcome to the girls makeup fun website! I share some basic information about kids fun makeup to help you make a choice. Please start by looking at the reviews below:

Pretend Makeup Set Collection

This is fabulous pretend Make Up Set. No actual substance in the product. The accessories are made from plastic, rubber and foam. It comes with all the makeup items like blush, powder, lipstick, eye shadow and nail varnish. However, it is not real but pretend make up. So you do not have to worry abut your little one’s skin. This cute little set comes with a little bag so you do not have to worry about where to store the bits. This is a top seller because of the number of items included, the little bag and because it is Pretend Play and not real.

Girl Zone Rainbow Lip Gloss Studio

Lip Gloss for Kids

The Girl Zone Ultimate Lip Gloss studio offers a wide selection of lip gloss. There are 6 colours and fruit scents: JUICY SCENTS; STRAWBERRY, ORANGE, GRAPE, CHERRY, WATERMELON, BANANA. The lip gloss also gives a sparkling look to your little one’s lips. This is a perfect selection to share with friends.  This is a good present for a little princess and can be combined with another present to really wow your child.

Professional Stencil Water Based Face Painting Kit

Face Paint kit for kids

This is one of the top sellers in kids fun face paint kits. This all occasion kit is packed with your kids will need to have some gun painting their little faces.  It comes with 16 colours include some glittery ones. The pack also comes with various stencils to get started.  The paint is in a hard case for safe transportation and storage. Most important of all the paint is water based and non-toxic to give you some peace of mind.


Kids make up set

This a very popular value set from my Little fairy Princess. The 4 tier set comes with a wide variety of makeup to play with. It can be folded into an oval shape. Easy to put away. The variety will keep your little one busy for months. Set Includes: 7 blush powders, 7 eye shadow powders, 12 glitter lip gloss, multi-colour eye shadow stick, multi-colour lipstick, 2 nail polishes, body glitter gel, 2 applicators, make-up brush and nail file. It also comes with a mirror. This would make a great birthday or Christmas present.


Pretend Make Up for Kids

A dazzling Pretend Make Up kit for your little girl. This is Pretend make up meaning that no actual substance goes onto skin. It is ideal for parents worried about their kids reacting to real make up. This little set looks very realistic. The set comes with cosmetics case to keep the accessories safe.  You will get make up brushes, some lip gloss, eye shadow to name a few. This would suit a toddler to play imaginary make up games whilst mummy puts her real make up.

Kennedy Playsets 28 Piece Little Girl’s Makeup Set with Lights & Mirror

little girls makeup set

The Kennedy Playsets Makeup set is a top seller. This has been safety tested under EU regulations. It comes with a variety of accessories, 28 makeup items all together.  Included in the pack is lip gloss, lipstick, little brushes, glitter, a mirror and dazzling lights around the mirror. It has size drawers for lipstick, brushes etc.  The Kennedy Playsets Makeup set can be shut and closed for easy packing. It is a set for many occasions for your little one.

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