Girls Pretend Makeup Sets

Top 5 Pretend Makeup Sets

There are currently not that many offers on Pretend Makeup for kids. However, there are a few good offers on the market with good reviews. As mention on The Types of Cosmetic Sets section. This is ideal for kids that are perhaps too young to play with real makeup or if you are just not happy with your child playing with real make up. Reviews show that some girls really enjoy the sets pretending to apply real make up.

Pretend Make Up Set Collection

Pretend makeup


This is fabulous pretend Make Up Set. No actual substance in the product. The accessories are made from plastic, rubber and foam. It comes with all the makeup items like blush, powder, lipstick, eyeshadow and nail varnish. However, it is not real but pretend make up. So you do not have to worry abut your little one’s skin. This cute little set comes with a little bag so you do not have to worry about where to store the bits. This is a top seller because of the number of items included, the little bag and because it is Pretend Play and not real.


PM 2 Pretend_Starter_Exclusive_Glamour_Collection

A dazzling Pretend Make Up kit for your little girl. This is Pretend make up meaning that no actual substance goes onto skin. It is ideal for parents worried about their kids reacting to real make up. This little set looks very realistic. The set comes with cosmetics case to keep the accessories safe.  You will get make up brushes, some lip gloss, eye shadow to name a few. This would suit a toddler to play imaginary make up games whilst mummy puts her real make up.

Click n’ Play Pretend Play Cosmetic and Makeup Set with Floral Tote Bag

PM3 Click n Play Pretend Play Cosmetic and Makeup Set with Floral Tote Bag

This set comes with over 10 accessories for your little one to play with. It is pretend Makeup so no actual makeup will be applied. It comes with real Makeup brushes and a little cute bag for her to put her makeup items after playing with them. The set comes with a little Mirror. She can really Pretend to be like mummy with all these accessories. The Makeup is made from foam and feels real, so she can use her imagination, you do not need to worry about her leaving makeup all over your house .

LELIN Wooden Beauty Case Childrens Girls Pretend Play Make Up Mirror Toy

PM4 LELIN Wooden Beauty Case Childrens Girls Pretend Play Make Up Mirror Toy

Creative and Beautiful wooden Pretend Makeup Set. The set looks amazing. It will definitely make you child very happy. Comes with a well designed beauty box. Includes wooden bristle hairbrush, pocket makeup mirror, pretend red lipstick with removable lid, dummy perfume bottle with realistic spray top, eyeshadow, moisturising cream, face power and wooden nail varnish bottle. This enough to keep her busy and playing. There is enough for her to share and play with mummy or her friends. If buying on Amazon make sure you request for it to be packaged as Amazon might send it without outer packaging.

Top Race 9 Piece Children Make Up Cosmetics Set

PM5 TopRace 9 Piece Children Make Up Cosmetics Set

This is a small set but comes with all the essentials. It comes with a mirror and pretend lip gloss Lip stick, Moisturizer, Eye shadow palette with brush , nail polish, Perfume Bottle, Hairbrush etc. They are all made from woods and comes in colours that will stimulate your child’s visuals. The Beautiful case completes the set. Your princess can safely store away the toys once she has finished with it. This is a descent set and has so far received some really good reviews.

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