Girls Nail Art Sets

This is another growing market. You can find diverse types and sizes of nail polish or paint for your little one to play with. These covers a wider range of ages from toddlers all the way to teens. Pay attention to how easy they are to remove and apply. Probably not a good to give to your child if they tend to bite their nails.

Galt Toys Nail Designer Set

1 Nail Art Set 1Galt

This is the top seller on Girls Nail Art Sets. It has a wide selection of seven colours to varnish your nails and two nail pens to create amazing designs. Decorate with nail stickers, glitter varnish and gems. Ideal for parties or sleepovers. The wide selection is enough for your little girl to share with her friends. It is excellent value for money as most buyers have said.  The only downside is that it is not water based and you will need a remover. However, it is easy to remove.

Style Girlz Unicorn Nail Makeover Kit – Girls Cosmetic Nail Polish Nail Stickers Make-up Set

2 Nail Art Set Style Girlz Unicorn Nail Makeover Kit


This non toxic Girls’ Nail Art Kit has a huge selection of stickers unlike other nail art sets. It has 1 bottle of Nail Varnish and one for Nail Polish. Do not let this stop you as the stickers will keep your little girl occupied. Nail sticker sheet includes loads of gorgeous Unicorn themed nail patches and stickers. Buyers have commented on the beautifully scented Nail Polish, great at stimulating her senses.

GirlZone: Fun Nail Art Set Kit


3 Nail Art Studio Girl Zone


The Girl Zone Kids Nail Art Set is an ideal present. We like the wide range of accessories that come with it, including a bag to keep the Nail products in. The Nail Art set includes a wide selection of girl’s nail stickers. We also like the special 3 in 1 pen that makes it easier for your little girl to apply the nail polish and to draw little patterns on her nails if she wants to. It has enough to keep your princess busy and engaged.

FabLab Nail Art Kit – Hot New Colours

4 Nail Art Fab Lab Kit

This an amazing Nail Art Set from Fab Lab. It includes a guide on creating 6 nail designs for your little one. It comes with 7 different Nail Polishes with some beautiful Nail heart sprinkles. This is really a unique set. You can download a detailed guide from .Customers say that this is very easy to remove/peel off as it is not made from real Nail Varnish. This also means that it doesn’t smell. All in all, a good value set for older kids.

GL Style Glitter ‘N’ Glam Nail Salon Kit


5 Nail Art GL Glitter and Glam Nail Art Set

Good value for money set. Unlike other kids nail art sets the GL Style set comes with a workstation to help your princess make her own nail art. It also includes stencils, stickers and some other accessories. She can be very creative with this set making her own manicures and pedicures. It is perfect for sleepovers with friends as there is a wide selection of nail varnishes and stickers. If buying on Amazon make sure you choose to have it packaged in an Amazon box as Amazon will stick the postage label directly to the box if you do not select the option for packaging.


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