Benefits on Children’s Development

Much like face painting or Painting Art on paper for children. The children’s make up helps develop coordination, by learning the application of makeup evenly on their faces. Perhaps one of the biggest joy is on the creative part of it. This involves picking the right makeup colours and correct shades to apply on their cheeks, eye brows, lips etc. An element of this involves the kids trying to copy what they see their mums, old sisters do. This stimulates their imagination. All this can be done with their friends, mum, sisters, allowing for great bonding.

Some parents buy kids make up sets for their little girls’ birthday parties or sleep overs. However, it might be advisable to check with the parents of your children’s play buddies if they are okay for their children to play with the makeup and check for allergies. We will discuss this later. I think with all creative toys for kids the biggest benefit is in getting your child away from the TV or Tablet to give them time for some old school play time.

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